Instructions to Authors

Instructions to Authors


Founded in 1984, Paidagogiki Epitheorisi (P.E.) is the official scientific journal of the Hellenic Educational Society (HES).

Paidagogiki Epitheorisi (P.E.) publishes papers on education and relevant academic disciplines. The journal invites high-quality original research and theoretical work with the aim of promoting knowledge discovery, dissemination, and application. Published papers include research, theoretical analyses, critical literature reviews, applications and policies. In addition, the journal publishes book reviews. Paidagogiki Epitheorisi welcomes papers written in all European languages.

The journal is published twice a year. Occasionally it publishes thematic issues. For these special issues experts are invited. Each thematic issue has one or more experts in a given field in order to serve as guest editors.

Manuscripts should be a maximum of 5500 words in length, including tables, graphs, illustrations, references, annexes and abstracts. Manuscripts must be typewritten on a standard A4 size page, 1.5 line spaced throughout, with Microsoft Word ‘normal’ margins and Times New Roman font at 12 points. Two abstracts should appear at the end of the text of not more than 150 words each, followed by up to five keywords for each one. One abstract with keywords should be written in Greek and another in a European language other than Greek. Book reviews should be a maximum of 1000 words. Manuscripts must include the following sections in the order listed: title of the paper, text, references, abstracts, keywords and author’s information. The author’s information should be sent on a separate page and include the author’s full name, title, affiliation, postal and email address, telephone and fax numbers. Manuscript references should be prepared according to APA style, 6th edition, 2010, and footnotes should be avoided. The titles of papers, subsections, tables and diagrams should be given in bold. The text does not allow the use of bold characters or underlining. Italics for emphasis is permitted.

The Editorial Board of the journal does not accept applications of articles for assessment and publication that do not follow the above submission requirements.

Research manuscripts are assessed by two reviewers, particularly experts in the field discussed in the paper. Throughout the entire procedure, the identities of both reviewers and authors remain anonymous. Authors should expect reviewers’ instructions on a submission within three months and resubmit their revised manuscript following the reviewers’ suggestions. Acceptance for publication of the revised manuscript is confirmed after the final checking by the Editorial Board Members. Additionally, the Editorial Board has the discretion to return a manuscript, even before sending it to the reviewers, in cases where a research manuscript is beyond the science field of the journal, or does not meet the submission requirements, or for any other reason.

All manuscripts should be submitted online via the following email address: [email protected]

Paidagogiki Epitheorisi does not consider for publication manuscripts already published or due to be published in another journal or any other type of publication.

Articles published in Paidagogiki Epitheorisi represent the opinions of their authors. The publication does not imply necessarily that the article represents the Editorial Board Members’ opinions.