The Hellenic Educational Society (HES) is a scholarly pedagogic association founded in 1981 and is established in Athens. The Society’s offices are located at 1 Anaxagora and Socratous Str. (behind the City Hall). It has annexes/ branches in several Greek cities (Alexandroupoli, Ioannina, Thessaloninki, Patras, Rethymnon, Rhodes and Volos) and in 2011 it will complete 30 years of operation.

 According to its Statute, the Society aims at advancing of Sciences of Education, studying and scientifically analyzing Greek educational problems, contributing to in-service training of the teaching staff at all levels of education, developing and weighting student assessment criteria and other means of scientific research, disseminating to the public, and especially parents, educational knowledge and support on their children’s education and training issues etc, advancing cooperation with relevant Greek and foreign scholarly Institutions, research centers, and organizations, providing every possible assistance for the recognition of the professional rights of the members, who work with scholarly subjects of educational/pedagogic orientation, e.g. Educators, Psychopedagogues, Sociologists of Education, Special Educators, Speech Therapists, Adult Trainers, Education Technologists, School Career Counselors, Economics of Education and Educational Planning Specialists, etc.

 The Hellenic Educational Society serves its aims by doing and by publishing scholarly research on educational issues, publishing scholarly works on subjects pertaining to the Sciences of Education, translating and publishing in Greek remarkable foreign psychopedagogic work, presenting scholarly papers in Greece and abroad, organizing scholarly conferences, in-service training seminars for educators and courses for parents, organizing lectures of pedagogic or relevant interest open to the public in several cities across Greece, publishing a specialized scholarly journal, establishing special awards, laudations and distinctions for the best works in the Sciences of Education, the establishment of a specialized scholarly library, and using every means deemed appropriate and beneficial by the Society’s Executive Board.

 The Hellenic Educational Society, according to its Statute, has ordinary full, corresponding and honorary members. Full members of the Society have to be Greek nationals, chair or position holders of Pedagogy in HEIs, emeritus or past professors of Pedagogy in HEIs, scientific personnel of the above positions, chairs, Seminaries or Laboratories or other Scientific Institutions dealing with issues of Education, or have a remarkable research and writing activities record in the Sciences of Education, Professors of Pedagogy of ASPAITE, and also past professors of Pedagogy, who hold a doctorate or other type of postgraduate degree at the level of MASTRE or MAITRISE or MAGISTER or Professors of Pedagogic Academies and Nursery Education Schools, holders of doctorate or other LICENCE (obtained before 1963). The doctoral or other postgraduate degrees should have been majored in an established field of the Sciences of Education. For the candidates who hold a Greek doctoral degree, a prerequisite for registration to the Society is that their dissertation majors on a subject pertaining to an established field of the Sciences of Education and that the preparation of this thesis has been supervised by of a Professor of Pedagogy. Distinguished members of the Greek Educational and Intellectual community in general, with remarkable accomplishments in the Sciences of Education or substantial contribution to Education in the country can also become Members of the Society

 The Society has today up to 1000 members. It organizes a biennial International Conference of varied theme, and a biennial Greek (Panhellenic) Conference on “Hellenic Pedagogic and Educational Research”. Up to this year, the Society has organized thirteen International and seven Greek Conferences. All Conference Proceedings, except those of the 11th International and the 3rd Panhellenic, have been published by the Society (the Proceedings of the two Conferences mentioned will be published only in digital form).

 The Hellenic Educational Society publishes twice a year its Scholarly Journal “Educational Review”, one of the leading Journals in the Sciences of Education in Greece and beyond. Until 2010, 48 issues of the Journal have come out and the Executive Board of the Society considers publishing three issues per year. The Journal hosts scholarly papers by Greek and foreign authors in Greek but also in English, French, Italian and German, selected by a peer review referee system.

The President of HES

Konstantinos D. Malafantis

Associate Professor, University of Athens