Founded in 1984, Paidagogiki Epitheorisi (P.E.) is the official scientific journal of the Hellenic Educational Society (HES). Paidagogiki Epitheorisi (P.E.) publishes papers on education and relevant academic disciplines. Manuscripts submitted to the journal must represent high-quality original research and theoretical work. The journal aims to promote knowledge discovery, dissemination, and application. Published papers include research, theoretical analyses, critical literature reviews, applications and policies. In addition, the journal publishes book reviews. Paidagogiki Epitheorisi welcomes papers written in all European languages. The journal is published twice a year and occasionally publishes thematic issues. For these special issues experts are invited. Each thematic issue has one or more experts in a given field in order to serve as guest editors. Paidagogiki Epitheorisi is available free of charge only to fully paid-up members of the Hellenic Educational Society. It is also available for purchase in all major bookstores in Athens and Thessaloniki. From the first publication in 1984 and up to 2000 (30 issues, 1st to 30th), the journal was edited by the Hellenic Educational Society in collaboration with the publishing house ‘Brothers Kuriakidis’ with its headquarters in Thessaloniki. From 2001 to 2010 (20 issues, 31st  to 50th), the journal was published in collaboration with ‘Atrapos’ publishing house with its headquarters in Athens. From 2011 until now (issues 51st et seq.) the journal has been published in cooperation with ‘Diadrasi’ publishing house located in Athens.